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Bakka Edward

 Executive Director (Co-Founder)

A renowned conservationist, policy maker and businessman. He is one of the board Members of MPIFA ( Mpigi District Farmers Association), one of the strongest and oldest farmers’ associations in the Country. He is well travelled and he has been involved in the formulation and enactment of various Agriculture and food security related policies both national and regional levels.

Gerald Jagwe

Finance & Operations Manager ( Co-Founder)

Initially an Accountant by Training (MBA), a farmer and a conservationist by Default. Gerald has actively participated in a number of PDCs and sustainable farming workshops right from 2013 ( Oregon State University- Online PDC)  to 2016 ( in partnership with Sector39, wales UK – Full PDC in kamuli Uganda). Gerald is also one of the Seasoned Permaculture trainers  with Experience from numerous local, regional and international project.

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Benard Serunyigo

Director Community Development (Co-Founder)

A Multi- talented Project Management Specialist ,Active memember of YALI network and founding member of "Uganda for her Initiative" with over five years exprience in Humanitarian and ICT project work, He holds a master degree in Finance and he is certified with microsoft software developement and PMP.

Juruga Herbert

Agriculture & Renewable Energy Field Officer

Herbert is a highly enthusiastic graduate of Agriculture majoring in Botany from Mbuye Farm School. Despite majoring in Botany, Herbert has all round knowledge in practically all areas of Agriculture .He is also  so knowledgeable and practical in areas of Waste management  and Renewable energy

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Ali Tebandeke 

Community & Schools Permaculture Coordinator (Central Region)

Ali is a very proactive community organiser and leader with massive experience in working with youths . He is the team leader of Peace December (Uganda Chapter). He is also the initiator of the Natete Greening Project in partnership with Kampala City Council  Authority.He holds a Bachelors of Project planning from Ndejje University, Uganda. He attained his PDC in May 2017 with sector39 ( Accreditted by the Permaculture Association of UK)

Vicky Akello

 Schools & Community Permaculture Programs Coordinator (Northern Uganda)

A Veterinary Officer by training, Vicky is  very Proactive and creative which coupled with her PDC training and experience from working on several projects has seen her deliver very successful training and project implementation.


Irene Aturinde

Schools & Community Permaculture Programs Coordinator ( Western Uganda)

Irene is very innovative and an amazing community organizer. She is also a practicing farmer and conservationist with vast practical experience  an addition to the numerous training ranging from PDCs to Workshops  and seminars.

Godfrey Opolot

Community & Schools Permaculture Coordinator ( Eastern & Northern Region)

Godfrey has a vast experience in Project work especially with communities and schools, prior to joining PRI-Uganda, he was working with IDI-Uganda as a community Field officer attached to Child welfare and development. His interest and enthusiasm for permaculture are so visible, practical and has touched the lives of so may in Kumi and Nyero area in particular.He holds a Bachelors in Development Studies plus a PDC by Sector39 (Accredited by Permaculture Association of UK)

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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