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About Us

Our History

Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda is a social Enterprise registered as a Non-profit organisation established in 2013 and legally recognised in 2016.

PRI-Uganda was born after understanding the agriculture dynamics and challenges of miss-use of the scarce resources, poor un sustainable Agriculture practices, low income among commercial farmers , households, decrease youth participation in Agriculture in Uganda. Permaculture comes from the word permanent –agriculture which is a sustainable approach to implement sustainable agriculture as it transforms soil and resource restoration through the permaculture eco-system pattern designing of land and available resources for sustainable settlements, production , restoration of natural resources for never ending production, increase of organic food abundance, employment ,utilising all kind spaces for production, rehabilitating all divested regions of poor rain pattern and soils and conservation of the biodiversity. 

About PRI-Uganda: About Us

Why Permaculture in Uganda

Uganda, the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’ has always been known to be an agricultural country, and Agriculture is always referred to as the backbone of this wonderful nation.
Secondly, Uganda has been rated among the top tourist destinations by several travel publishers most notable the  Rough Guides and  Lonely planets. This is largely due to the magnificent Wildlife, vegetation, natural sceneries, water bodies to mention but a few. However, all the above are at the brink of either extinction or total deterioration due to ruthless or ignorant human activities such as deforestation, poaching, over reliance on inorganic chemicals, swamp reclamations etc.
As a result of these inconsiderate human activities, effects of climate change are so visible including unpredictable weather patterns, raise and drops in average temperatures, unproductive soils, earthquakes, floods  and many more  undesirable effects .
Realizing the above, the Permaculture Research Institute was establish to restore the ‘’lost Glory’’ using permaculture which provide a comprehensive approach to restoration and creating permanent abundance.

About PRI-Uganda: About Us

Our Vision 

To be a global centre of excellence for permaculture research , training,  demonstration and capacity building for both individuals, communities and organisations

About PRI-Uganda: Welcome

Our Mission

To work with individuals, communities and institutions globally, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of permaculture.

About PRI-Uganda: Welcome

Our Objectives

  • To innovate for environment, biodiversity, Earth, Animals, people and Sustainability through continous Research.

  • To establish permaculture eco-systems across borders.

  • To restore natural divested regions and preserve biodiversity.

  • To offer the resilient Practical permaculture trainings for sustainable Agriculture.

  • To build Capacity through knowledge Management  and Sharing (KM)

About PRI-Uganda: Welcome
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About PRI-Uganda: Welcome
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